About Me

I am Niek van Leeuwen and I'm studying Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Rotterdam.

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Hard work beats talent. Every time.
About me

Hey, I'm Niek. In September 2019 I started an internship at X Laboratory as an embedded software engineer which I completed in February 2020. In September 2020 I will be doing an internship at PATS drones.

In my spare time I like to develop with techniques that are unknown to me. As an example I am currently developing a private and modular personal assistant, called Ada.

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  1. June 2018
    Finished pre-university education in Vlaardingen
  2. September 2018
    Started Computer Science and Engineering atthe Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences
  3. July 2019
    Received my First Year’s degree’
  4. September 2019
    Started a project at X Laboratory alongside my studies
  5. September 2020
    Started an intership at PATS Drones
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