Line Follower

An Arduino Uno based line following robot with obstacle detection

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Aug 21, 2020

My second project of the freshman year is also the second introduction to the design and prototyping of a mechatronic system, namely a line follower. In a line tracking system, micro-controllers, sensors, actuators and programming play a very important role. I built the line follower in a group of 2 students. The line follower is controlled by a micro-controller. The line follower uses a system of sensors, either digital or analogue. It must also be possible to follow a black line and prevent collisions. Furthermore, the choice of the battery, the control of the motors, the wheels and the programming are of great importance.

Project Supplies

Below you will find the parts needed to make the line following robot.

Component Amount
Arduino R3 1x
IR Sensors 4x
H-brug (L293D) 1x
Ultra sonic sensoren 1x
DC motoren 2x
Voltage switch 1x


See the line follower in action here.



The code for this project is available here.

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