Use simulated multithreading to run multiple programs written in byte code at the same time.

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Aug 22, 2020

During the course operating systems 2 I built my own simulated operating system for an Arduino Uno: ArduinOS. The Arduino can be programmed via an IDE in C, but can only run one program at a time. To start another program it has to be flashed again. Also the microcontroller does not have a file system.

I have built an “operating system” that can run multiple programs at the same time (multitasking), and has a file system in which files can be stored even if the power supply fails. The OS runs programs consisting of byte code.

Core features

  • CLI
  • Filesystem
  • Run programs written in byte code
  • Support for running multiple processes
  • Memory management to store process variables

Available CLI commands

Command Explanation
store filename size data store a file on the EEPROM
retrieve file print the contents of a file
erase file erase a file
files print all files
freespace print space left
run file run a program from a file
list list all processes
suspend pid suspend a process
resume pid resume a process
kill pid kill a process


Checkout the source code here!

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